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    Waikoloa Village Real Estate

    Waikoloa village is located about 6 miles inland from the Waikoloa resort area. Waikoloa village is a small community where many new condo complexes have been built in the recent past. This town is steadily growing. If you go further down toward the ocean along the coastline in Waikoloa you will hit Waikoloa’s anchialine ponds, which are an interesting part of Waikoloa’s natural history and have been maintained by the University of Hawaii as the Waikola Anchialine Pond Preservation Area. The anchialine ponds in Hawaii are home to organisms that are endemic to the Islands. Waikoloa also has an ancient petroglyph field, rock drawings that were carved by the early Hawaiians. There is much history to be admired in this small village community.