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    Naalehu, Hawaii Real Estate

    Naalehu Hawai is Located near South Point in the Big Island’s Ka’u District. Although Naalehu is a quaint little town with only a few small shops and eateries it’s definitely worth a visit or stay. Naalehu Hawaii is home to two popular festivals. Naalehu hosts the annual Naalehu rodeo for amateur bull riders to display their skills, this takes place on July 4th. Naalehu also hosts the annual Hawaiian Hula Festival on labor day. People gather from all around to enjoy music, crafts, food, and of course, hula. Na’alehu means “volcanic ashes” in the Hawaiian language. But the lava flows of the past have cooled and dried and today, Na’alehu is far from being an unsightly remnant of a volcanic eruption. Lush vegetation, green valleys and hills surround the town, and black sand beaches are located nearby.