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    Hawaiian Paradise Park Real Estate

    Located in the district of Puna, Hawaiian Paradise Park, Paradise Park or also known as HPP, is the second largest subdivision in the United States. In 2018, buyers in Hawaiian Paradise Park primarily purchased homes with conventional bank loans and cash. However, several homes with purchased with VA, USDA and FHA financing.

    Hawaiian Paradise Park is considered by many to be one of the most affordable places in Hawaii to purchase a home.  Many retirees from pricier areas like Oahu and California focus their searches in this area so they can purchase a home with cash.

    Most lots in HPP are one acre and there are few building restrictions. Many of these same retirees appreciate the space from neighbors but also do not want the responsibility of maintaining larger acreage parcels. Demand from this demographic seems to be holding steady at this time.

    Investors are focused on the demand for rental housing in Hawaiian Paradise Park.